We are excited that you have taken this first step towards joining this Digital Revolution

What To Do Now?

Complete The Following 3 Simple Steps:

STEP 1: Open A FREE Account With USI Tech

Click on the following link to open your FREE USI Tech Account: https://ezy.usitech-int.com/enrollment.html

STEP 2: Open An Account With A Bitcoin Exchange

You need to open an account with a Bitcoin Exchange to be able to buy Bitcoin so you can purchase USI Packages

Coinbase.com Is A Very Popular International Exchange

Click on the Coinbase image above to sign up for a FREE Account or click on this link:
When you sign up for your FREE CoinBase Account, buy some Bitcoin. They will allow you to buy with your Credit Card and INSTANTLY credit your Bitcoin Account.
If you buy over $100 of Bitcoin using the above referral link, Coinbase will give you a $10 bonus of extra Bitcoin.


1. If CoinBase is not in your Country, go to https://www.buybitcoinworldwide.com to find an Exchange that you can join.

2. If you are based in India, https://www.zebpay.com is very popular.https://www.zebpay.com/

Step 2: Buy Some USI Packages

It is very simple to buy USI Packages as you will see in this Step-by-Step Video:

Step 3: Join Our Exclusive Marketing Team

 *** Optional But Highly Recommended ***

If you are serious about building a great USI Business, then we invite you to join our
Exclusive Marketing Team

There Are 2 Qualifications To Join:

1. You need to Purchase 12 USI Packages.
That equates to 600Euro (approximately $700 US Dollars or $900 Aussie Dollars)

2. You need to Subscribe to EzyMarketer


Building Websites & Marketing Funnels Has Never Been So EZY

What Is EzyMarketer?

EzyMarketer is an All-In-One Marketing Platform that enables you to build Online Marketing Campaigns to help grow your USI Business.

It Includes:

1. Web Hosting
You Host your own Domain with EzyMarketer like www.YourName.com 
If you do not have a Domain already, you can register one with EzyMarketer for only US$12.97pa

2. Web Builder
EzyMarketer's Web Builder enables you to build Websites, Video Landing Pages, Download Pages for Free Reports, Training Pages and much much more.

3. Contact Manager
EzyMarketer's Contact Manager is a very powerful CRM (Client Relationship Manager) that enables you to collect names/emails etc from your website and then follow up marketing to your prospects with Autoresponders. Autoresponders are an automatic follow up system where you can set your follow up marketing on auto-pilot. You can also create and send Newsletters to keep in contact with your Team.

Discount Coupon Code
Contact the person that introduced you to this opportunity as they will give you a Discount Coupon Code that will give you Whopping 25% ongoing Discount to EzyMarketer. 

If you elect to pay Yearly, you effectively get 2 months for FREE and by applying your Coupon Code, the price reduces to only $261 for the Year. That equates to a bit over $20 per month. That is insane value for an All-In-One Online Marketing System!

To find out more about EzyMarketer, go to www.EzyMarketer.com


1. This Webpage
You will receive a Webpage Share Code that you import into EzyMarketer so this Webpage will be duplicated on your Website. You can then add your CoinBase referral link and when the people you introduce buy a minimum of $100 of Bitcoin, both you and them will receive a $10 Bitcoin Bonus. $10 bonus for a $100 investment gives them a 10% return on their investment before they even start! :-)

And think about this for a moment... Just 2 of them a month nearly covers the cost of your EzyMarketer subscription!

2. Birthday Promotion
Imagine posting the following message on your Facebook friends' Facebook Timeline to wish them Happy Birthday:

Happy Birthday "Friend's Name"

Check out the special birthday video that I recorded for you:


Click on the link above to see the Birthday Promotion Webpage.


We will Customize the Video with YOUR NAME and YOUR WEBSITE and give you the Webpage Share Code for you to import into your EzyMarketer so the Birthday Promotion Webpage will be duplicate on YOUR WEBSITE too.

And There's More, A LOT More...

3. Pay It Forward ($1 of FREE Bitcoin)

One of the easiest ways to build your USI business is to "Pay It Forward" and give away FREE Bitcoin!

We will teach you how to do that and provide you with all of the Marketing Material when you join our Exclusive Team.

4. Facebook Posts

As part of the Exclusive Marketing Team we will keep drip feeding you with ideas of Facebook Posts that will inspire your Facebook Friends to ask you about Bitcoin. One of the coolest things about this opportunity is that people COME TO YOU asking for information so you are not SELLING to people, you are simply providing them with extremely valuable information that is changing lives.

Most of us do not like selling, which is one of the reasons why this opportunity is so successful.

product image

Christmas & Birthday Present (FACEBOOK POST)

The BEST EVER Christmas present for your Kids or Grandkids for Christmas and Birthdays

There is no better gift to give you loved ones than a Financial Education.

Many GrandParents give their Grandkids money for Christmas and Birthdays but how about this for an idea?

Give them the equivalent money in Bitcoin instead and let them see it rise over time.

Bitcoin has risen over US$1,000 just this last week alone.

If you want to learn how to do that, ask me. You can start with as little as $1 but imagine if you gave them $100 or $150. Sure beats socks or jocks as a present! :-)))))

5. Weekly Webinars

We run Webinars every Tuesday at 7pm QLD or 8pm NSW (Australia Time) to teach the Basics about Bitcoin and to show the USI Opportunity. Invite your Family and Friends to these Webinars. They are 100% Content Driven, NOT Sales Driven so there is never pressure applied to anyone. We Show and Teach to help everyone. 

At the end of every Webinar, we tell the guests to go back to the person that invited them to the webinar to learn how to take the next step.

It doesn't get any easier than that.... Simply invite people to an Educational Webinar.

These Are Just A Few Examples Of Some Of The
Awesome Marketing Material & Ideas That You Will Receive

When You Join Our "Exclusive Marketing TEAM"


1. You will automatically receive additional Marketing Material as we build it.

2. It is not mandatory for you to become part of our "Exclusive Marketing TEAM" but we are sure that you can see the value of investing around $20 per month in Marketing Tools to help you grow your business.

EzyMarketer's Tell-A-Friend Referral Program

As a Cutting Edge Technology Company, Ezymarketer has created another "Game Changer" with their build-in Affiliate Program that they call "Tell-A-Friend". Clients automatically become Affiliates and can create Discount Coupon Codes from within EzyMarketer's Dashboard.

So How Does It Work?

It is all about creating a Win/Win/Win...

You can create a Coupon Code to give to your Family, Friends & Associates that will save them 25% off the normal website pricing. And then, not only do your Friends save 25% but YOU make 25% Instant Commission! Yup, that's right, your Friends save 25% and YOU make 25% which creates the perfect Win/Win...

EzyMarketer gains a new Customer that they may never have been able to acquire from their normal marketing so everyone wins!

EzyMarketer Clients LOVE their Tell-A-Friend Program because their Friends Save Money, unlike the run-of-the-mill Affiliate Programs that mke you feel like a 2nd class citizen tryint to sell stuff to your Family and Friends...

CLICK HERE To Learn More...

product image

What Do YOU Want To Do???

You can go FULL ON promoting this Awesome Opportunity or you can go slow by dipping your toes in the water and watch the value of your USI Packages increase Daily and of course, watch the market fluctuation of the Bitcoin prices.

We suggest that you get back to the person who invited you and brainstorm with them and of course, jump on our next Training Webinar on Tuesday night. Enter your details below to receive an email each week with the latest Webinar Registration Link